Secret EP News...

Our EP is nearly finished... 6 tracks, 2 producers, 1 vision. Our goal for this EP was to broadcast our creativity as producers by not just sticking to one genre. We mashed 5 sub-genres of EDM into 1 epic listening experience.

We don't want to stick to 1 genre or 1 sound. Our music is an expression of our feelings and beliefs and as listeners we get bored of the same repetitive style from producers.

This project is the debut of who we are, what we represent, and what we plan to do for the electronic music industry.

Expect the EP in Late Aug  / Early Sept.

- Dehko

Dehko Remixes Look At Me in honor of XXXTENTACION

Dehko has always appreciated artists who break the bounds of sound and disrupt industries. So it was only right for them to remix their favorite track by X. The remix is made for a nightclub or MainStage containing some harsh electro sounds. It contains enough energy to catapult the original into another dimension. Listen to it on soundcloud to below. 


Sam and Jordan Dehko; who are more known by their moniker Dehko have been sparking a new wave with their abilities to fulfill the role as DJ and Producer all the while etching their name in the world of music as a star in the making. Based in Detroit, Michigan, Dehko originally garnered attention after releasing their debut single 'Deep Relief'